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  • Handmade Lizard Watch Straps
  • Handmade Lizard Watch Straps
  • Black lizard, full white stitching, brushed buckle, black edge coating.
  • Grey lizard, full grey stitching, polished buckle, grey edge coating.
  • Brown lizard, full cream stitching, polished buckle, brown edge coating.
  • Green lizard, top green stitching, brushed buckle, green edge coating.
  • Blue lizard, top white stitching, brushed buckle, blue edge coating.
  • Red lizard, full black stitching, polished buckle, red edge coating.
  • Orange lizard, top orange stitching, polished buckle, orange edge coating.
  • Yellow lizard, top black stitching, polished buckle, yellow edge coating.
  • White lizard, full red stitching, brushed buckle, white edge coating with 2 keepers.

Handmade Lizard Watch Strap

Product Description

  • We have sourced some of the finest lizard skins to use in the creation of our 100% handmade lizard watch straps. There are 9 gorgeous colors to choose from, black, brown, grey, green, blue, red, orange, yellow and white. Each watch strap is available in widths of 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm or 26mm or you can choose Custom (Please specify) and write the width you need in the details box. You can choose any length that works with your wrist, along with the stitching preference (1 clean line of stitching at the top or stitching all the way down and back up),the stitching color, the edge coating color and number of keepers. These handmade lizard watch straps are an absolute perfect compliment to our handmade lizard belts, since the skins and colors are identical.
  • Color: Black, Brown, Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow or White
  • Widths: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, Custom (Please Specify)
  • Lengths: 75/115mm, 75/125mm, 75/115mm, 80/130mm, 80/140mm, Custom (Please Specify) 
  • Buckles: Brushed, Polished, PVD
  • Stitching: Top (Only stitched at the top), Side (Single side stitching around edge of strap at top), Full (Stitched all the way down and back up)
  • Stitching Colors: Black, White, Cream, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Forest Green, Green, Olive Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue
  • Edge Coat Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow or White
  • Keepers: 1 or 2



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