Ballistic Nylon Military Watch Strap - Orange (PVD Buckle)


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The Da Luca Nylon Military One-Piece Watch Band

Heavy Duty Construction

Our nylon military watch straps are the perfect balance between a traditional nylon watch band and something unique. Its versatility complements almost any watch, from divers to dress and field watches. At 1.4mm thick, our nylon mil straps are thin enough to easily slip between spring bars, but feel substantial on the wrist to balance out the weight of your watch. We offer multiple colors and sizes to choose from. Built to last!

  • Material: Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Thickness: 1.4mm
  • Hardware: PVD (Black)
  • Widths: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm or 26mm
  • Length: 300mm
  • Features: Slip-through style

In 2009 DaLuca Straps was founded in San Diego, Ca as a passionate brand that focused solely on producing hand crafted watch straps. Since then they have expanded their in house manufacturing team to produce watch bands that fit virtually every watch + offer accessories such as wallets, belts, key chains & t-shirts. Quality, longevity and simplicity are always at the forefront at DaLuca Straps.