DaLuca Handmade Shell Cordovan Horizontal Snap Wallets

18th Jun 2011

Since DaLuca has been creating unique wallets out of shell cordovan for the most part of 2011, we though it was time to really create a useful product that bridges the gap between a shell cordovan bi-fold wallet and a shell cordovan vertical snap wallet. Our new shell cordovan wallet features a horizontal design that allows you to fold a US currency dollar bill in half and easily slide it into the large pocket of our new horizontal snap wallet. You can fit many credit cards or a driver’s license as well. The design is meant to easily replace a larger, bulkier bi-fold wallet and use this product instead. Please view this video that compares the difference between our shell cordovan vertical snap wallet and our shell cordovan horizontal snap wallet. These shell cordovan wallets are available in 3 different colors, brandy, color 8 and black. All the hardware is made in Germany or Belgium and each piece is 100% handmade and hand sewn in San Diego, Ca. These are also backed by a 110% guarantee from DaLuca, that if anything ever goes wrong, they will easily fix or replace the unit with NO questions asked.

Shell Cordovan Horizontal Snap Wallet Color 8

Shell Cordovan Horizontal Snap Wallet Brandy

Shell Cordovan Horizontal Snap Wallet Black