DaLuca Straps Horween Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan Wallets

11th Oct 2011

DaLuca tries to create the finest handmade products and we are very proud to introduce genuine Horween shell cordovan and chromexcel leathers to use in our limited edition line of angle and stash wallets. Each wallet is hand-cut from ink or green cavalier chromexcel leather, made by Horween leather company in Chicago, Il. The stitching is 100% saddle stitched by hand which creates a very durable product that should last for many years to come. The actual threading that is used for every product we hand craft is imported from the UK, and is a 4 ply waxed linen thread.For our limited edition horizontal snap wallet, we use brandy shell cordovan leather on the front flaps. The rest is made from ink cavalier chromexcel leather, which contrasts very nicely with the cream stitching used on the sides.

Shell cordovan leather take over 6 months to make, then another 2-4 weeks for the dying process. Horween has some of the best leathers you can find in America and we try to exclusively use them in all of our wallets. Each wallet is able to hold many credit cards, a driver’s license and a large stash of folded cash. You will find that the leather ages very well and actually gets nicer looking the more you use it. (Earlier this month, we wrote an article on the “Art of Aging Leather“, which shows you some of the differences that can occur from a newly made leather product to an aged piece of leather). All of the ink and green cavalier chromexcel wallets are limited edition, which means they will not be around for that long. The natural chromexcel wallets were also recently added and will be a long standing product that is a part of our standard release products. Try a handmade leather wallet today.

Horizontal Snap Wallet - Ink Cavalier Chromexcel w/ Brandy Shell Cordovan

Leather Angle Wallet - Ink Cavalier Chromexcel

Leather Angle Wallet - Green Cavalier Chromexcel

Leather Stash Wallet - Ink Cavalier Chromexcel

Leather Stash Wallet - Green Cavalier Chromexcel

Leather Angle Wallet - Natural Chromexcel

Leather Stash Wallet - Natural Chromexcel