Rolex Sky-Dweller Review: The King of the Skies

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 15th Sep 2019

It is about time that one of the most interesting and amazing Rolex watches comes down to earth. The Sky-Dweller has been a hot topic among watch enthusiasts for quite some time now, and it is time to do a proper in-depth review of this modern Rolex. Upon a cursory glance, this watch is a luxury traveler’s go-to watch that is perceived as the patrician elder brother of the tool-like GMT-Master II. Lets soar high and then dive deep as we look furhter into the Rolex Sky Dweller watch.

The Beautiful Case

For the first five years, the Sky-Dweller was only released in a handful of precious metal cases, such as white, yellow or Everose gold. However, since 2012, the watch has evolved from its original design and has taken a beautiful shape.

In the beginning, the watch became a part of the most expensive and premium price bracket of watches released for Rolex. Every inch of the watch was solid gold and said I am a pure luxury watch. It also featured a large fluted bezel on the dial which looks superbly elegant.

Baselworld 2017 changed the game forever for this watch. The Rolex Sky-Dwellers were unveiled at this event, and the once expensive watch came down from fifty grand to almost twenty grand. This, in turn, made the watch accessible to more people. Two Rolex Sky-Dweller versions were released at Baselworld:

  • Yellow gold with a precious bezel and center bracelet links
  • White gold with a precious metal bezel

The overall case diameter for the watch stayed true to the original model and is still 42mm.

The Gorgeous Starburst Blue Dial

In the beginning, the Sky-Dweller featured a giant dial with Arabic or Roman numerals. The recent releases have changed that. Gone are the days of an old-fashioned dial, and now, the Sky-Dweller proudly offers a gorgeous Stardust Blue Dial. The dial also boasts elongated applied batons, filled with Chromalight.

The watch also offers two different time zones for the users. In the beginning, the second time zone was given a color in contrast to the primary time zone. The recent changes have eliminated the contrast, and now the second time zone is in sync with the overall colorway of the dial.

Overall, the dial packs a lot of information into a small space. The dual calendar is now displayed under a stellar cyclops, and the month is highlighted by the red marker at the outer edge of the hour markers. To put it mildly, the dial is a piece of art that combines simplicity and information with ease.

The Inner Movement Mechanism

The latest Sky-Dweller version comes with a highly efficient and complex Calibre 9001 movement. This sets it apart from the competition. Precise and accurate timing is the hallmark of Sky-Dweller’s excellence.

The Calibre 9001 has 72 hours of power reserve and is currently protected by seven patents. The engineers at Rolex came up with an ingenious technique for users to interact with the movement. The user-friendly engineering called the Ring Command is the heart of this watch. The movement allows three different distinct positions to interact with the inner movement. You can change local time, dual calendar, and home time with ease.

The Stunning Bracelet

Every watch needs the perfect bracelet to go along with its general vibe and aura. The Sky-Dweller comes with an authentic and modish Oyster bracelet. The bracelet is either a 904L steel or a polished yellow gold center links bracelet. It depends on the version you choose for yourself. With 5mm of flex room, the solid and modern Oyster-clasp allows maximum easiness and flexibility.

What Do We Have to Say?

The Sky-Dweller has always had its own class. However, the latest versions make it supremely brilliant and a must-have for every watch enthusiast. The gold casing with the stellar stardust blue dial makes it jaw-dropingly gorgeous. Needless to say, this wondrous design from Rolex becomes the talk of the party.

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