Shave Like You Mean it: How to Put Together the Perfect Shaving Kit

5th Aug 2014

When it comes to shaving, most men own little more than a can of foam and a $12 Wal-Mart razor. I’m not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with this take on shaving, but there’re definitely better and more time honored ways of getting that fuzz off your face. How? Let’s start at square one. You can’t do anything right without the proper tools. So let’s figure out how exactly to piece together the manliest shaving kit possible.

The first things you’re going to want to acquire are your pre-shave products. These will include:

  1. Exfoliant Scrub: Exfoliant’s sole purpose is used in conjunction with hot water to help open up your pores. The reasoning behind this is that you want your facial hairs to be primed for shaving.
  2. Oils: Similar in effect to the exfoliant scrub, a quality oil with further help to loosen your pores, but will also soften your facial hairs. By handling both of these tasks the oil helps you shave as close as absolutely possible.
  3. Shaving Powder: The sole use of this product is to be used with an electric razor. It has a similar use to the shaving oils, but in conjunction with the electric razor it fluffs your hair while also preventing your razor from getting gunked up.

After you’ve gotten your pre-shave materials together, the next batch of things you’ve got to worry about are your actual shaving products themselves. The essentials are as follows:

  1. Lathers: They act as a buffer between your skin and any blade, but you already knew that. Lather comes in two types, cream and lather. Lather comes in a can and cream comes in a tube. Both soften your hair and both moisturize your skin. The most quality creams and lathers you can get are made from glycerin and the type you’re better off avoiding will contain numbing agents like benzocaine and menthol, which close your pores up, preventing that close shave.
  2. Shaving Soap: Old school to say the least. Intended for use with a straight razor and must be mixed in a cup. Due to the fact that it is indeed soap it can possibly dry out the skin of those of us with a sensitive face.
  3. Gel: Extremely helpful in that it provides the sleekest glide for any razor. Can gunk up your razor though and clog your pores.

4. Badger brush: The prime brush for mixing lather. Flexible and soft, this brush will make sure to fluff your whiskers to full attention.

Now that your face is prepared to be sheared it’s time to decide which razor is best for the current situation.

1. Electric shavers come in two types and can be both convenient, speedy and they also last far longer than any conventional disposable razor, however they never shave quite as close as their un-mechanized counterparts. Rotary shavers have a circular pattern of blades that are mounted on anywhere from one to three wheels. They are considered very effective against longer beards and typically five closer shaves than their brother, the foil shaver. Foil shavers have sheets of perforated metal that cover up their blades. By dragging the razor across your face your hairs enter the perforations and are immediately sliced off.

  1. Reusable razors are always superior to disposable ones. Two to four bladed razor cartridges can shave far closer than any of their brethren and are capable of shaving at an angle. Gillette is a trusted company when it comes to these products, but who’s naming names?…

Now that you’re beard free, it’s time for your post-shave product.

1.Aftershave balms with vitamins are very important for keeping your skin looking and feeling great. Vitamin C, E, aloe and natural oils are all things you want in your balm to help heal, sooth and moisturize after a close shave.

Everyone’s face is different and by arming yourself with knowledge of what makes for a great shave you’ll be able to experiment with the products listed above and find out which ones make your face happiest.