Grand Seiko SBGK005 Watch Review

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 24th Oct 2019

The Grand Seiko SBGK005 may not look groundbreaking on a spec sheet, but it delivers something different on the wrist that the watch community has not felt before, quite like this.The watch is, at it … read more

The Argument for Rolex Watches

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 3rd Sep 2019

Rolex, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is the most popular luxury watch manufacturer. It's one of the most influential brands that's keeping up its status that it attained by its top notch manufactur … read more

Things Every Rolex Owner Should Know

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 16th Aug 2019

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Rolex Explorer: To Infinity and Beyond

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 8th Aug 2019

Rolex explorer belongs to the powerful sports watch collection from Rolex. Often considered an every-occasion watch, Rolex Explorer is a perfect companion for feats of extra-ordinary human achieveme … read more

Rolex Air-King: The Royal Timepiece

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 6th Aug 2019

The Rolex Air-King is often forgotten among the Rolex collections, such as Submariner, etc. However, the Air-King is an absolutely stunning yet simplistic looking masterpiece for watch lovers. Let's … read more