Leather Care

We use many types of leather for our products that range from brand new ones to older vintage leathers that are pushing 100 years in age. If taken care of properly, these leathers can last beyond a lifetime. This can easily be seen in the vintage leathers we offer, since many of them are 40-110 years old and they still feel and look great.

Taking care of leather is simple but it must be constantly applied throughout the ownership of your leather good. Here are some great leather care tips for various leathers that we use in the production of our products (please keep in mind that every person has their own preferences for leather care, these are simply a general guideline from what we believe in being the right way to take care of your leather goods):

Shell Cordovan

Shell Cordovan is known worldwide to be one of the finest leathers available. We use this leather on many of our products due to its durable nature and good looks.


Chromexcel is a very tough chrome tanned leather that we use on many of our products such as watch straps and wallets.

Vintage Leathers (Ammo Pouch Watch Straps)

For many of the vintage leathers that we offer, they are left untreated. This allows our customers to choose the leather conditioner that they want to use on their new product.

Venetian Cream

balm.jpgThis is a superb product, that we fully support and recommend to our customers on a daily basis. This product has been in production, virtually unchanged for over 100 years. They are so serious about Venetian Cream that they insist it still use a glass bottle and metal cap to keep the formula true to its roots. We offer this cream and highly recommend using it on every leather product that we offer, besides suede and nubuck.
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