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About Us

In 2009 DA LUCA was founded in San Diego, Ca (USA) by Daniel Luczak as a passionate brand that focused solely on producing the finest hand crafted watch straps for Panerai brand watches. Since then they have expanded their in house manufacturing team to produce watch bands that fit virtually every watch all the way to the highest quality accessories such as wallets, belts, key chains, t-shirts and hats, among many other finely made goods. Quality and simplicity are always at the forefront as well as providing the absolute best in customer service.

DA LUCA officially opened a showroom to the public in 2014. They invite all of their customers to take a tour and see their goods in person. The showroom is in close proximity to the airport and downtown as well as many restaurants and there is a brewery at the base of the building, which makes it easy for their customers to want to make an afternoon of the visit.


Their workshop is a finely tuned machine, just like the watches they make their watch straps for.


Below is a short video about DA LUCA that will show you the high level of craftsmanship of their products along with the amount of detail involved with making their products:


Discover Da Luca

Who we are

The anti-thesis of modernization, fast fashion, computer generated finished goods, we are one of the last bastillions of a time honored, revered tradition.


Excellence in design is an honesty found within complete transparency that is earned through impassioned endeavors. We honor and respect one of life’s great journey’s, skilled mastery.

Craftsmanship that is learned through a lifetime of effort. Skills that are perfected and refined through repetition.

Make it lasting
Make it an effort

Through these principals we find our purpose.

Our Atelier is in San Diego. We stand confident in our make, quality, finished product and heritage.

Discover why there remains a growing movement towards hand purposed DA LUCA products.

Own a Piece of History


1930s specialist racing cars were developed


the America's Cup was first raced in 1851


1968 the birth of modern adventure racing

Design Principles

Hand crafted
Treasured artistry

Heirloom quality that will stand the test of generational use.

Statement of Purchase

I am in no rush.
I have no affinity with mass production.
Bigger is not better.

Why Daluca

DaLuca (Developments) is a study in craftsmanship. An effort in patience and a reminder that what came before will remain. Time is constant so is craftsmanship.

Make Great

We produce by hand, in our San Diego based workshop. We re-constitute and re-purpose vintage bags, belts, ammo cases, ruck sacks and related equipment.

We also source leathers from reputable suppliers. We only buy the absolute finest quality leather in the USA. Ethically sourced skins are of high concern as is the earth and it’s great beauty. We pride ourselves in this fact and stand true to it day in and day out.

Forged in Fire

All hardware is of superiority. Concepts are all born in our California Atelier. We then source foundries able to forge to our exact specifications. Our buckles and closures meet our expectations; demands that will perform in the most extreme climates and rigors for extended periods of time.

Discover Daluca

We believe DISCOVERY to be our crowning accomplishment. We are unlike all others and invite you to explore our world for yourself.