Custom Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

100% handmade from Horween® Shell Cordovan® leather and made to last for many years.

Apple Watch Bands

Each Apple watch band is one of a kind and designed to be paired with an Apple Watch band adapter.

Military Watch Bands

Crafted from nylon or Horween® leathers, and compatible with Panerai, Rolex, IWC, Omega and most other brands.

Shell Cordovan Military Watch Straps

The ideal balance between a traditional leather watch band and something unique, versatile enough for almost any watch.

Custom Watch Straps

Create the watch strap of your dreams by selecting every nuance and detail with fast turnaround times.

Vintage Swiss Ammo Pouch Watch Strap

Made from a hand-picked vintage Swiss ammo pouch and custom handcrafted to your specifications. Truly one of a kind.

Nylon Watch Bands

Our ballistic nylon watch bands are made to the highest standards from the strongest nylon material possible. They are made to last and look great for many years.

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DaLuca Straps: Crafting Excellence in Leather Watch Accessories

Established in 2009 in San Diego, California, DaLuca Straps emerged as a passionate brand dedicated to creating luxury, handcrafted leather watch straps designed for Panerai timepieces. Over the years, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship has driven us to expand our in-house manufacturing team, enabling us to produce meticulously crafted watch bands that cater to a wide range of watch models. Today, DaLuca Straps offers an extensive collection of watch straps and high-quality leather accessories, including wallets, belts, key chains, t-shirts, and hats, among other finely made leather goods.

At DaLuca Straps, we prioritize quality and simplicity, ensuring that every product we create showcases the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our passion for delivering the best extends beyond our products, as we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to ensure complete satisfaction.

Whether searching for leather straps for Panerai watches, aftermarket Panerai watch straps or watch compatibility information, DaLuca Straps is your go-to destination. With an array of options, including Panerai replacement straps, buckle and color choices, materials, and strap recommendations, we strive to fulfill the diverse needs of watch enthusiasts. Our extensive range of leather watch bands is designed to elevate your timepiece's aesthetics while providing durability and comfort.

Choose DaLuca Straps for superior craftsmanship, a commitment to excellence, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Experience the difference our finely crafted leather watch straps and accessories can make in enhancing your watch and personal style.