DA LUCA and Comic Con Go Hand In Hand

Posted by Mariah Paterson on 29th Apr 2017

Today’s blog is going to be more of a glimpse into the lives of Da Luca's team members. Once a year there is one week at Da Luca where we don't look like leather artisans, we look like our inspirations. What week is that? Comic Con, of course! We are a San Diego company and only a couple of trolley stops away from the world famous San Diego Comic Con—plus we just happen to be giant nerds here at Da Luca. You probably wouldn't recognize our team if you saw us at Comic Con.

So let's talk about Da Luca’s favorite time of the year in San Diego.

Comic con is a very special time in San Diego. The trolley is filled up with knights in shining armor getting ready to battle. The SCA and Adrian Empire are two different medieval/early renaissance re-enactment groups that participate in Comic Con every year on the mezzanine level. You will find sword fighting, archery, and belly dancing, among other things.

You’ll also find superheroes, Disney princesses, Han Solos, and some weird cross costumes like a slave Princess Leia Deadpool.

Wait, was that Deadpool waiting in the trees above the Hall H line? I think yes. And that's where you will probably find Da Luca’s artisans baking out in the hot San Diego sun and waiting through the night to get in the coveted Hall H. It sure is an adventure but well worth it once inside the gigantic, air conditioned convention center room.

Hall H is where the big movies/TV shows hold their panels and thousands of us star struck nerds will wait all day and all night just for the opportunity to see our favorite actors, get a sneak peek at new seasons of shows or movies about to come out.And once you do finally get in to have all your dreams come true, there are more lines, the bathroom lines!

Yep, that's the bathroom line! But don't worry the wait to get into Hall H is always worth it. The awesome questions and answers that you hear or the secret Star Wars concert that they surprised us with are some of the reasons that make this event worth it.

If waiting in long lines is not your thing don't worry, there are plenty of other activities to participate in at Comic Con, as well as outside the convention center in our world famous Gaslamp Quarter.

The floor is where everything is at. You can see your favorite comic book artists and writers, run into childhood icons, or even accidentally take a picture with a celebrity and have no idea because they are in costume.

Your favorite stars come out for meet and greets as well.Is that George RR Martin?!Why yes it is!

If you don't get tickets have no fear as our downtown area has plenty of pop culture to go around. Outside the convention center there is plenty to do and plenty to see.

Did you spot your favorite Da Luca leather artisans in these pictures? Just remember if you need any awesome custom leather pieces made for your cosplay, be sure to contact us. We don't only do watch straps.

Written by: Mariah Paterson