In Depth Look: The Omega Seamaster

Posted by Daniel Luczak on 26th Jun 2019

Originally released in 1884, this collection by the luxury Swiss brand, Omega is one of the best ever in the all-time history. Famous for its class apart quality and standard Omega SA sets a benchmark by this distinctive collection.

The Seamaster collection features watches for both men and women. The exceptionally classic design and details featured in the watches of this line are truly a treat for the eyes.

Bond Watch

The dynamic Omega Seamaster is also famous by a nick-name, the “Bond watch”.James Bond is the main reason for which this watch is famous as he wears it with a set of different straps in squeals of his movie giving it the name Bond watch.


Seamaster, as one of the oldest collections by Omega SA includes an enormous and variety of categories having a variety of models and versions with the difference in colorway, details, and design.

The Omega Seamaster includes the following categories:

- Diver 300M

- Aqua Terra 150M

- Seamaster 300

- Planet Ocean 600M

- Railmaster

- Bullhead

- Seamaster 1948

- Ploprof 1200M

Let’s discuss the top categories.

Diver 300M

A category of exceptionally designed and one of the best line of Omega Watches, Omega Seamaster, Diver 300M also displays a set of a variety of collections of uniquely designed and luxuriously styled watches.

People have been drooling over this beautiful piece of art and fashion since 1993. Diver 300m has never failed to make its place in the heart of people. The extraordinary collection has this year celebrated 25 years of excellence.

With the passage of time Omega SA has successfully advanced the models with more innovational technology as promised to raise the standards higher. Making no compromise on the quality and standards this beautiful collection by Omega honors the maritime legacy of Omega.


A total of 39 ensembles are included in the wide catalog of this special Diver line. As one of the longest-produced Omega Watch Diver 300m holds a vast catalog. All of these models differ in specific detailing.

A number of choices are provided by Omega to choose your watch according to your choice of color combination, the material of the strap, dial’s color and much more.


The caliber also features a long list when it comes to Diver 300m collection. The vast calibers of this specific line of Omega include Omega 9901, Omega 9900, Omega 8806, Omega 8801, Omega 8800, Omega 3603, Omega 3330, Omega 2507, and Omega 2500.

Case Material

The cases with their brilliantly intelligent and unique design are not only restricted to one kind of materials. A whole set of choices is provided for the case material which includes steel, steel-gold, gold, ceramic, titanium, and even tantalum.

Case Diameter

The diameter of these classically styled watches with mesmerizing design range from greater than 35mm to less than or equal to 42mm.

Dial color

Four beautiful and elegant color choices are available in this line. These colors include grey, black, blue, and white.


The variety of color and material of straps is tremendous. All the straps are up to the quality and standard. Presenting stunning looks these straps include black, blue, and silver color.

Touching of gold in steel straps are also available which make the look more diverse. The materials of straps are also broad in availability.

From rubber to steel, and even Military straps; a vast range is present. Other than this titanium and tantalum are also available.


Being a complete package of perfection, these watches are capable of a lot more than just telling time. Highly advanced features are added to each model which makes them even more innovative and unique.

Latest technological features of Omega watches include 24 hour GMT, anti-magnet feature, ceragold, chronograph, chronometer, date, helium escape valve, liquid metal, small seconds, screw-in-crown, transparent case back, unidirectional rotating bezel, and regatta timing.

Aqua Terra 150M

A uniquely styled collection by Omega SA, Aqua Terra 150M lacks that sporty look and supports are a more formal type of a look. Being worn by James Bond in Skyfall this collection has a huge fan-base. Originally launched in 2003, Aqua Terra 150M accommodates a lot of sub-collections under its banner:

- Gent’s collection

- Ladies’ collection

- Golf collection

- Goodplanet

- 15,000 Gauss

- Worldtimer Limited Edition

- Worldtimer


One of the biggest catalogs is under the Aqua Terra 150M collection as it has a number of different sub-collections. The catalog includes a total of 248 items. All 248 of these watches are extremely graceful in looks and innovational and advanced in features.


A set of different calibers of this line include Omega 8938, Omega 9615, Omega 9605, Omega 8939, Omega 8901, Omega 8900, Omega 8807, Omega 8801, Omega 8800, Omega 8615, Omega 8612, Omega 8611, Omega 8605, Omega 8602, Omega 8601, Omega 8521, Omega 8520, Omega 8508, Omega 8501, Omega 8500, Omega 4061.

Case Diameter

The range for the diameter of the case for his line ranges from 28mm as it also involves ensembles for ladies to greater than or equal to 42mm.

Dial Color

An enormously vast range of colors for the dial including, pink, white, grey, black, blue, purple, skin, brown, lighter tone of grey is available.

Strap material

As a line accommodating 248 articles in total Aqua Terra presents a lot of choices for the material of the band or strap of the watch. Steel, Military style strap, steel-gold, leather, nylon, rubber, and titanium are all available to choose from.


Different models from this line provide different sets of features. Making the watches more advanced and facilitating, these features include Day-Date, international GMT, Date, small seconds, anti-magnet, chronograph, chronometer, diamonds, screw-in crown, limited edition, transparent case back, and annual calendar.

Seamaster 300

Originally launched in 1957, this iconic watch by Omega celebrates the 60th anniversary. The classic look and amazing quality take this collection up high making its models a must-have.

The latest Seamaster 300s are re-profiled, re-defined and more advance in technology.


Providing a diverse range of choices which suit best to the taste of people Seamaster 300 has a 21 model catalog.


The calibers included in this line are Omega 8913, Omega 8806, Omega 8401, and Omega 8400.

Case Diameter

The choices of case diameter in this collection range from 388mm to 42mm.

Case Material

Range of choices provided by Omega is what it is famous for. Case material can be steel, steel-gold, gold, titanium, and even platinum.

Dial color

The range of dial color of this line includes unique and vibrant color like green, black, and blue.


Extremely good-looking bracelets of this collection include steel, rubber, platinum, leather, titanium, gold, and steel-gold straps.


A list of innovative and advanced technology features is available for these watches. Features like anti-magnet, bi-directional rotating bezel, ceragold, chronometer, Liquid metal, limited edition, screw-in crown, transparent case back, and uni-directional rotating bezel, etc. make the watches even more advanced and dynamic.


As a fabulous piece of art and fashion embraced with non-compromised standards and exceptional quality, Omega Seamaster series is everything a watch-lover can ever dream of having.

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