Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2014

22nd Aug 2014

As the sunny glint of the summer days wane, we, the masculine portion of the human species must prepare for colder weather, with storm, sleet and snow all realistic enemies we must adjust to combat. Well, as long as you’re not schmucking it up on the west coast like your humble writer is… Lack of understanding on the topic of seasonal change and complete confusion when it comes to shifts in weather. That’s the SoCal way.

If however you exist somewhere along the face of the country where actual weather exists the fall and winter months dictate that you swap up your wardrobe to make sure that you keep yourself from losing any limbs to frostbite or any other horrific cold-fueled threats. It’s not a question how you preserve your limbs from the demented influence of Jack Frost, but truly it is how to do it in a fashionable way! Here’s a rundown on what this year’s fashion world has planned for us, the less-than-fair sex for the cold months.

  1. Slim slacks have returned! There is no longer some questionable debate over whether such tight-fitting pants would ever make the rounds and come back into fashion. The council of fashion gods has spoken and indeed, this fall slim slacks are back and any man sporting them with some bulky layering up top is going to be looking sharp.
  2. The winter months are mean to green. Trees die, flowers wilt and various bug-eyed amphibians retreat into the lazy lull of hibernation. So if all the greens have gone away, what’s a fan of it to do? Wear it with abandon of course and the leafier the hue the better. I’m not advocating that you green-up like the Grinch, but a single item of evergreen mixed in with a regular outfit is sure to spruce up even the simplest ensemble.
  3. The manket? Yes, the manket. A hybrid spawn of scarf and cape, this odd creation is apparently lighting up runways all over the place. No longer are they only sported by the odd street-person, now you too can feel fashionable in one of these oddities. Seriously, google a picture of this thing. I am not querying the judgmental will of the fashion gods, but yeesh…
  4. Raglan sleeve raincoats! What are raglan sleeves? They’re sleeves where the shoulder seam runs diagonally from your armpit to your neck. This kind of jacket is sleek, simple and will be a standard of fall/winter living for years to come. A well founded investment if there ever was one.
  5. Mime it up! If you’re not a fan of colors and desire to replicate the dreariness around you there is always the option to separate the grey into its two ingredients (black and white) and wear it like any good invisible-boxing Frenchman. Everything goes with black, even white.
  6. Get a huge bag, I say. You may be well protected from the raging elements in your raincoat and slacks but what about your necessities? All you would ever need should be stored this half of the year in something large and smart looking. With luggage so huge you’ll never have to leave anything behind ever again… Or at least until these huge things fall out of grace with style.

Fashion shifts on the winds, but the right watchstrap can properly compliment any outfit. As you brace yourself for the next 6 months don’t forget to arm your timepiece with a strap to suit your new needs.