Handmade Lizard Watch Strap

Color: Required
Buckle Type: Required
Stitching Type: Required
Stitching Color: Required
Edge Coat Color: Required
Keeper: Required

  • We have sourced some of the finest lizard skins to use in the creation of our 100% handmade lizard watch straps. There are 9 gorgeous colors to choose from, black, brown, grey, green, blue, red, orange, yellow and white. Each watch strap is available in any width you choose. You can choose from a 2mm thickness which consists of the lizard skin directly glued to a thin calf skin backing which gives the strap a thin and luxurious feel. Our 3mm option is the same as our 4mm option except the middle layer is 1mm thinner. The third option is a 4mm thickness, which consists of 3 layers, the lizard skin backed to a thicker shoulder leather and finished with a thin calf skin backing. You can choose any length that works with your wrist along with the stitching preference (1 clean line of stitching at the top, minimal side stitches or stitching all the way down and back up), the edge coating color, the buckle and the stitching color.These handmade lizard watch straps are an absolute perfect compliment to our handmade lizard belts, since the skins and colors are identical.
  • Handmade In The USA (San Diego, Ca)
  • Turnaround Time: Generally 3-6 Business Days

Don't know what strap width your watch needs?

Use our Watch Strap Sizing Chart to find out.